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Based on intuitive eating psychology, the pointy end of the well-being revolution, these services and programs are designed for people who have tried everything else without success and are truly committed to rewriting their food and body journey using methods that get lasting results.

Are you ready to be that woman?

Mature Woman

About  Miriam's Coaching

Miriam's coaching methods help women reach otherwise unattainable goals through the forming of new positive habits.

Her techniques are based on eating psychology, intuitive eating, personality archetypes and the latest in research on mindfulness and nutrition.

The focus is more on WHO YOU ARE AS AN EATER and less on what you eat.

Because let's face it... if it was a calories in, calories out equation we would all have the idea weight by now.

If you are a chronic dieter, yet haven't lost weight in 20 years, Miriam will guide you to rewire your thoughts and actions so you have better success at achieving your true desired outcome.

If you are desperate to get your pre-childbirth body back Miriam will help you prioritise, because often goals will be out of alignment due to years of distortion and social conditioning. Miriam will help you readjust your goals so you're aiming for the right post.

If you're stuck thinking you're not lovable due to your body or you have uncontrollable food triggers, Miriam will help you uncover the true woman you are within. The one that's confident and in control.

We're all striving for better.


The question is will you love yourself on the way to a better body, food story, relationship etc or are you hating yourself every step of the way?

Will you keep spending money on lifestyle diets, miracle weight loss pills only to achieve none of your health goals nor like yourself any better. Or will you finally decide to invest in your greatest asset? You!

These coaching offers have been created to help women like you achieve your truest desires around food and body, weight and confidence, relationships and love with minimum time, cost and effort.


The goal is to help you get where you want to go gracefully, quickly and beautifully by taking the right kind of action.

If you're ready to be coached check out the options below.


Premium Three Month Coaching

The Premium Three month Coaching package is the optimum place to start if you're new to coaching and want to see results. For some women three months will be all that is needed, depending on your level of commitment and what you're working through. We simply cannot expect to change to happen in any less than three months so start here! 


FREE Food & Body Assessment - 60 mins (initial consult)

Initial Intake - 1.5 hr

Six coaching sessions - 60 mins each

Tailored homework assignments (usually a lot of fun)

Personalised meditation

Personalised workbook

Six month review - 60 mins


Eating disorders - binge eating, over eating, emotional eating, bulimia and anorexia.

Body image dysmorphia - self dislike

Chronic dieting and weight loss obsession

Digestion issues

Stress, depression and anxiety

Nutritional imbalance 

Low/no energy and fatigue

Low self-esteem

Problems with pleasure and religious de-conditioning

Sleep deprivation 

To find out if Premium Coaching is for you book a

FREE - no obligation - Food & Body Assessment.

Costs and pricing plans available at the consult.

Breakthrough Coaching

 In certain circumstances there could be an opportunity to work through a single food or body challenge in one longer session.

The Breakthrough Coaching allows us to address just one single food or body issue with a root cause, deeper, perspective with the intention to extract truth for healing and move forward.

Food and body issues are rarely root causes themselves, mostly they're  symptoms of deeply held past pains and future worries. In regular coaching we arrive at these findings on a subtle level, however in Breakthrough we seek them out intensively.

You have to be ready to go deep.

It is a practical yet intuitive journey into why this issue persists in showing up, while you have perhaps been able to rise above all other food and body or wellbeing challenges.

Includes one session up to three hours long, plus follow up phone call.


To inquire about a Breakthrough Session with Miriam schedule a FREE Food & Body Assessment NOW. 

Lifestyle Makeover

Miriam's exclusive and intensive lifestyle overhaul tailored to your goals!

This is for the woman who's life has taken over and she's ready to reclaim it.

Includes practical changes in diet, kitchen pantry, morning and bedtime routines, dress and grooming, beauty rituals and more. This is highly personalised adjustments to your existing habits to help accommodate a newly evolved version of you!


Can be done in isolation or works great in combination with the three month Premium Coaching package. 

It's straightforward, doable and enjoyable.

Simple tweaks to your lifestyle to help you gain more self respect, clarity, simplicity, elegance and structure.


FREE Food & Body Assessment - 60 mins (initial consult)

Initial Intake - 1.5 hr

5 x fact find coaching sessions - 60 mins

6 x implementation coaching session - 60 mins

Personalised meditation

Personalised workbook

Six month review - 60 mins

Takes from two to six months plus a sense of personal commitment!

To inquire about the Lifestyle Overhaul with Miriam, schedule a FREE Food & Body Assessment NOW!

Talking Therapy

Single therapy sessions designed to provide a safe place to talk, be seen and heard. No coaching or homework assignments just simple talk and listen sessions to help you get through the hard times.

You will discover insights with guidance from an expert.

Counseling based on nutrition science and psychology.

No obligation to keep coming back.





"Miriam took me on a journey of self exploration and self love. A pivotal shift in the way I was approaching health and nutrition and food in general."


"I would highly recommend Miriam to anyone wanting to change their health or mindset. I cannot thank Miriam enough for the impact she has made in my life."


"I've worked with other coaches and you hold the most sacred space for transformstion."


"Such a positive and exciting experience. A great building block to good health. Loved it!."


"Haven't binged since completing the coaching and so much more in control of my weight and overall health. Such a relief after years of yo yo dieting and restriction."


"As someone with anorexia it has been hard to find a therapist that is patient enough to manage the severity of my condition. I've never felt more safe and supported than with Miriam. Each time I did not do as she asked she would understand with compassion and find another way to help me on my path. No one has ever gotten this close to helping me heal. Her methods work."