Eating Intuitively & Feeling Confident in a Healthy Body is your Natural State


Here are the details of the programs, coaching packages and courses on offer.

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Soulful Psychology of Food & Body.

You've tried everything to make better food choices, lose weight and get healthy.

But you're still finding it hard to make the food freedom feeling a reality?

And you cannot seem to lose weight.

But you do have the capacity to change or you would not be here.

It's time to trust yourself fully.

It's time to know what it's like to live in a healthy body you love. 

And make food choices that deeply nourish you.

This isn't rocket science.

It's about cutting away the confusion and coming back to the common sense of your body's own innate wisdom.

Let me show you how.


Private Coaching & Group Program 

Being in a body should be enjoyable and eating food can be a total pleasure!


1:1 Coaching

Highly personalised weekly guidance to shift your unwanted food and body challenges.  

This is a twelve week coaching program. 

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Group Coaching 

My biggest breakthroughs have been in group programs which is why I run these.  

The Body Sovereignty Club is affordable & life changing.

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Govt & Biz

Miriam runs a six week wellbeing program designed to make healthy lifestyle habits easy and available to everyone. She can also be booked deliver educational talks. 

Corporate, Government & NGO

Basket of Apples

Government & NGO

High level health and wellbeing services must be available to everyone.

I've created this six week program to help government and non-government agencies who work with our most vulnerable members of society level up the day to day mental, physical and spiritual health of their clients.

This focuses on the basics, the mundane, the every day of what is possible to make better choices on a budget.

I'm passionate about this program and I have made it highly affordable.


Corporate & Business

The very first tag line of my business was "I help busy, professional women get sane around food & body".

My fifteen years working across corporate financial services, the charity sector and small businesses gave me a clear picture of what the average office worker does to his or her body at work, through posture, food, drink and lifestyle balance.

You can book me to speak at your next staff offsite or meeting. I'll create a bespoke offering that will inspire your people to take care of their health.

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