Me Time

Updated: Nov 9, 2018

What does self care look like and what's the point anyway?

When we're obsessed with food and our body size we forget about something really important. That we are a human being with tender emotions and feelings.

Think about cars for a moment.... regardless of whether you own a Kia or Audi both will get you from A-B. Same basic structure, four wheels etc. Both will drive better if they're well maintained. And the ride will much more pleasurable if the car is sparkly clean (or so methinks being a clean freak).

Our bodies are the same. We all have similar parts, and no, we can't choose what model we're served, but we can choose how often we get serviced (innuendos aside).

Cars don't run on fuel. They run on fuel, oil, air, water, lots of moving parts and a conscious driver.

By focusing on simply how much the body weighs or where certain body parts protrude too much and others not enough, we're missing the point of having a body. The body is a house for us to live in, a vehicle for the journey of life. It requires air to breathe, food to be nourished by, love to enjoy, movement to stay mobile, knowledge to gain wisdom. It's what we use to get from A-B. Arrival to Bye Bye (just made that up). It's our vehicle, we have to look after it.

We can never be fully in the drivers seat of our lives if we are focusing all our attention on the superficial aspects of life. We need to look under the hood.

Whole Self Care

So if you're at the stage where you are obsessed about how you look in a bikini or what you ate for breakfast and what you'll eat for lunch then here's how to start making a transition to honouring the whole you (not just the small you).

1. Incorporate a new beauty care ritual into your life

2. Take up a hobby just for pure unadulterated pleasure

3. Find movement that you love