The Road To Recovery from disordered eating

On the road to recovering from disordered eating...

It’s often one step forward, feeling like you can do this, feeling positive.

Ten steps back, feeling huge shame and unworthiness.

But you get back on and take two exciting steps forward, feeling a little better maybe even high! (But with lingering personal self doubt.)

Then you take the inevitable six steps back and experience the lingering guilt trip, it is of enormous magnitude.

You hate yourself.
You hate your life.
You hate this process.
You feel disgusting.

You feel like a failure and you believe your steps back prove you're that.

It can feel expressly like you’re getting no where.

However if only you knew - this is the moment where you should be celebrating IN FACT.

If only you knew this IS The Journey.

It looks like this for most of us until we reach that elusive breakthrough moment and fully change...... this is in fact a sign you are tracking well.


Because you are not actually starting from the same baseline.

Those steps forward ARE the hardest steps you can take and the effort required to take them is enormous, whereas it’s effortless to take steps back.

What this means is that YOU ARE CREATING CHANGE! You just don't feel it because it's so spread out. Kind of like how you are growing really fast as a kid but it all seems normal, except for when your aunt Mandy goes away on an epic nine month backpacking adventure around south east Asia and when she gets back she can't believe how tall and grown up you are.

When looking at your progress on a macro scale, comparing daily what you do, how you feel and look, change is not obvious. You're too zoomed in on the ups and downs and you can't see the incremental changes adding up. You might feel some gains but you're frustrated for more and irrational about how change happens - SLOWLY.

However, if you see your progress on a longitudinal scale, there will be an upward trend.


That's what you want. Your efforts are impacting your life.

Which is why celebrating two steps forward despite 20 steps back is important.

And that up trend is YOU CHANGING FOREVER!

Not such an insignificant thing now is it?

Imagine, actually transforming!

What is it like taking yourself from someone who wakes up and the first thing you think about is food, you spend the day controlling appetite, you end up binge eating, maybe purging, and go to bed feeling ill, disgusting and hating yourself... to being someone who wakes up and enjoys morning rituals, barely considers food until it's time to eat and looks forward to the occasion with effortless delight as a normal part of life, someone who takes showers admiring your body, moves with confidence, feels good on a daily basis?

What is that journey like?

Is it easy?

Piece of cake?

Without any set backs?

You know the answer.

Truth is, not that many people talk about the mental and physical anguish you will go through in transforming your disordered eating into orderly living.

It's a confusing hot mess.

One step forward is hard.

It’s doing something so against what your mind and body are used to.

You're used to using food to control and now you are out of control, literally trying to become a different human.

That's not like changing outfits, no changing your skin is a whole lot of discomfort.

You have to accept things about yourself, limitations, stories, uncomfortable truths perhaps around trauma.


Every time you take steps forward, no matter how many steps back you take, you are forever changed.


As you keep taking one step forward, despite the set backs, over time that one step forward becomes you.

You’ve changed your baseline.

You are not starting from the same step ONE.

Which is why, when I hear people who are struggling and having a relapse into binge eating or bulimic tendencies, despite they are in huge pain, I celebrate for them.

I see what it took for them to get to that step and I KNOW from my own, and countless other clients' experiences, that this is a good thing and a natural part of the journey.

Because YOU TOOK THAT HARDEST FIRST FEW STEP and ongoing steps, you are changed forever for it.

We need to talk about this more.

The messy journey needs to be celebrated.

We all want change FAST.

But the body builder needs to wait for months and month before they see even the slightest bit of significant muscle definition....

Hence change happens more permanently when done slowly, patiently, and with love.

Have you ever hated yourself into changing?

Have you fast tracked yourself into changing? (Without repercussions?)

Didn't think so.

The slow, steady, celebratory process works.

Did for me (does for my clients who experience lasting change).

Six years later I am fully recovered from disordered eating and body dysmorphia, and I have one HACK that could help you right now on your journey too.

IT IS a SEXY strategy, fully backed by the scientific literature, therefore, IT WORKS.



Be the last person to finish every meal from now until Christmas!


It’s not easy, but it’s simple and it works on multiple psychological and physiological levels.

Which I will go into in another post.

But for now if you want to find out the science behind it… I explain these concepts inside my Private Facebook Group where I will be running a free 𝙁𝙤𝙤𝙙 𝙈𝙖𝙨𝙩𝙚𝙧𝙮 𝙅𝙤𝙪𝙧𝙣𝙚𝙮 leading up to Christmas.

Are you game to challenge your healing journey, try something different and become transformed with your eating and body image challenges?


See you soon!