The Healing Power Of Emotional Eating

A lot of the popular content out there about emotional eating (binge and overeating too) deals with how to stop ‘bad’ eating habits and form ‘better’ habits instead.

However what I want to talk about in this blog is the healing power of emotional (binge and over-) eating.

Yes the healing power!

Including why you should actually embrace these as sophisticated strategies for dealing with your emotions and for going through hard times.

Let’s start where it all began.

You were born, you cried and you were fed mother's milk - warm, sweet and nutritious. You fell asleep on a breast nourished entirely by food and connection.

You are born hardwired to relate food with comfort.

And not just any comfort, but emotional trauma and survival comfort.

So it’s entirely NATURAL to sooth with food.

And by natural I mean to say that if you still soothe and nourish your emotions with food there is nothing wrong with it.

You’re perfectly NORMAL

We’ve covered off two important points here: