The Number 1 Wellbeing Trend

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Last year I set some wellbeing goals for myself.

There were seven (I was ambitious) and all of them based on wellbeing trends I saw emerging not as passing fads but important habits I needed to form for healthy survival in the modern world.

A world very different to the one I was born into, with empty streets, dial telephones, snail mail and simplicity.

Last week Forbes released an article about one of the trends I bang on about the most; SELF CARE! Confirming in mainstream media, its importance for survival & ‘productivity’?!

First, for all the Type A busy female readers out there who are already super women/mums I need to say this…

I personally believe that being creative and adding value is a natural byproduct of a healthy person.

We have to be careful what we prioritize. Prioritising productivity as a reason why we adopt healthy habits is like prioritising dieting for weight loss happiness! But when it comes to weight loss, dieting is the worst option.

People who diet, put on more weight. People who self care to produce more, will stress more.

It's counter intuitive to focus on self care as a way to be more productive

We are supposed to self care to get a rest from constant demands!

See how this insidious always-on culture tricks us?! (Diet culture does the same.)