Secret #3 - What's really blocking you from achieving your health goals

Part 4 of 4....

Hello lovely and welcome to the busy&well blog, I'm Miriam Pires from Higher Balance as always banging on about Intuitive Wellness For Busy Professional Women.

This is the final article in my four part series around how to actually reach your health and well-being goals as a busy woman, juggling many things, being professional in every aspect of life except, probably, most likely…. your own self care and well-being!

Sound familiar?

I’ve been breaking down how How I [Finally] Reached My Health Goals By Reversing The Diet.

This is where I shatter you with why diets don’t work… it’s a chronological thing, we have it all backwards.

(Secretly I know you’re so over dieting and wickedly pleased!)

Then I start to reveal what to replace diets with in Secret #1 - My Silver Bullet to Health & Well-being (yes it is a magical sexy elixir for life - no kidding) followed by…