Secret #2 - Base your entire health & well-being goals on this "ONE THING"

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

Part 3 of 4...

Hello lovely and welcome to this blog, I'm Miriam Pires from Higher Balance as always banging on about Intuitive Wellness For Busy Professional Women.

I bet not a day goes by without you feeling some kind of angst around your body, food choices or confidence in general.

Am I right?

That’s kinda ouchies isn’t it.

I know we’re grown up busy and professionally successful women but being obsessed about our bodies and food is probably holding us back, in many areas of life.

In this series of blog articles we’ve already discussed how I reversed the diet to actually reach my health goals and secret #1 my Silver Bullet.

So in this blog I want to distill step #2 or secret number two of how to get where you really really want to go around your health and well-being challenges.

- Maybe you want to lose five kilos, like since forever?