Secret #1 - My Silver Bullet to Health & Well-being

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

Hello lovely and welcome to the busy&well blog, I'm Miriam Pires from Higher Balance as always banging on about Intuitive Wellness For Busy Professional Women.

Welcome to the end of January and the beginning of February.

Let’s not talk about resolutions shall we?

If you’re like so many other women out there (and me for many years), you’re probably at the point now of reassessing those health resolutions and making some personal remarks about your progress, or lack thereof?

Good, because I am here to chat to you about that.

In my last blog we uncovered “How I finally reached my health goals by reversing the diet”...

….so it’s perfect we can now pow wow about this (delicate?) topic.

I’m not going to beat around the bush, DIETS DON’T WORK.

So if you set out to follow a plan to restrict what you eat, and “failed” then I’m giving you a pat on the back for doing what you’re supposed to do as a sane woman….

… completely reject that idea and take little action at all (of course unless you’re seriously

unwell with a medical condition and must be on a diet for that reason - different story).

Perhaps you dieted for a week, great! Maybe you gave your body a little break from sugar or gluten or animal protein etc... that’s an awesome thing!

Likely your body needed that.

But thinking we can maintain restriction for long periods of time is kinda nuts.

I used to do it all the time and thought I was being a good girl. Little did I know my body intelligence had other ideas. But we will get to that in a minute.

Because I want to share with you my Silver Bullet to Health & Well-being.

And guess what?!

No failed new year’s resolutions are involved in the making of this Silver Bullet.

And it’s all based on the first busy&well blog in this series, “How I finally reached my health goals by reversing the diet”...

Because, it’s not that I don’t have faith in diets.

No way, they’re excellent.

When you know where and when to place them in your life.

Like me before, many of us chickie babes head into a diet completely unprepared, armed with tonnes of self dislike and lots of protein powder... looking to start a personal inner war with our bodies, mind and heart.

Yikes, that is choppy psyche territory.

So for the record once again, diets are super helpful and get incredible results when we know how to use them and when.

Ok so it took me a long time to work this one out and I’m sharing it with you because this is little known information out there.

98% of diets FAIL!

So catastrophically do they fail that one year after the diet, most people have not only put the same weight back on… but more.

UH….. wait, did I just say that?

Yes lovely I did just say that…..

To put things in perspective, imagine women lining up for botox, that after a year gave us more wrinkles than when we started off?!

Insane! Wouldn’t happen.

We’d all be sharing our failure stories, ditching the B-shot and looking for the next miracle anti-aging pill.

Yet we continually line up, hand over hard earned money to take these “lifestyle” diets that work for a month and then never again to get a look in, call it a lack of will power, and feel ok that we put all the weight back on and then some???

Oh wait, so not only do we have added physical weight, but the emotional weight gained from feeling like failures?!

I bet you know exactly what I’m talking about here.

I am not banging on about this because I am anti-diet, anti-change, anti-healthy clean living by diet.

I’m so committed to my health and that of my clients’.

In fact healthy living is something that I have been asked about all my life, because I’ve always been personally into it.

During my corporate years I was constantly approached about the subject.

People knew I was the healthy salad eating, herbal tea drinking gal.

But that did not stop even me from being sucked into diets and diet culture.

Wanting to improve constantly, wanting a flatter stomach, wanting thinner thighs, wanting a cleaner higher conscious diet.

So I would take all the supplements!

I would be on the smoothies!

Exercise and yoga, top priorities!

But it was never enough.

Weight would come on as soon as a life crisis hit, or even when something small happened that rubbed me up the wrong way, or I got bored.

I’m sharing this with you, so that you can really get that this journey is a sticky one for so many of us.

It happens to the best of us.

“So the diets don’t work. At least not in the way we have been brought up to believe they do.”

Sorry not sorry ok.

Because now that we’re telling the truetrue we can move onto what actually works.

If you know me, then you know I am a straight shooter and I have not got the time to waste on crappy half truths, plus I respect your time way to much, as a fabulous busy professional woman....

....who has experienced her body taking charge and rejecting the diet, yes your body has intelligence that thankfully you cannot override.

“Your body will make decisions to keep you healthy and alive over and above giving you a gap between your thigh.”

Seriously that does not register on the body continuum of being alive on planet earth - I won’t go into society and it’s stereotypical standards in this post though or we will truly be here forever.

Ok so it’s time to tell you about my Silver Bullet to Health & Well-Being.

Before we get stuck into this I want to say one thing.

And this is really really important.

Check this out with all your senses and intuition in tact ok….

Are you ready?

It’s not going to be anything sexy.

Not one little bit of this Silver Bullet is going to hit you like a profound-enlightening-ball-of-dancing-from-the-treetops-all-my-prayers-have-been-answered experience.

That’s why you need to turn off your attraction to shiny things for a moment (we are all simple moths to a flame in one way or another after all) and turn on your deeper feminine intuition.

You know the one, it’s that thing your mum does when she knows what you’ve done and you can’t hide it. Yep you have that power too and so if you downgrade the pretty-shiny-must-have-the-latest-and-be-the-best distraction for a moment then I am totally willing to share with you my unsexy but 100% proven to work Silver Bullet to Health & Well-Being.

And if you are still reading this far you frankly deserve to hear it.

I call it…. Find Your Slow Flow.

Yep that’s it.

Which is aka for slow down, but with a personalised twist.

And if you’re still reading and haven’t completely shrugged my (proven, worked for thousands of women already) Silver Bullet method off yet, then I’ll elaborate.

When someone says, “slow down”, you practically want to punch them in the head and show them the long list of things you have to do since last week.


I am one of these women.

So I know that slowing down is just not possible, much of the time.

Besides, some of us, love going fast.

Hand on heart, I am a yogi, meditator and breath work junkie for 15 years now so the mindful life is kinda my jam.

But I still love my quick thinking mind, my fast action taking personality yadda yadda.

So that’s not what I am talking about.

Find Your Slow Flow is all about connecting with the ONE THING that you can slow down with in life, the ONE THING you actually WANT TO slow down with, the ONE THING that would be the easiest to slow down with.

And you start there.

Download my {FREE} workbook and guide on how to Find Your Slow Flow - - - >

It’s not at all sexy or overnight miracle promising like a miracle pill or the latest lifestyle diet with a C Grade celebrity endorsement.

But it works, to get lasting results.

And the most crucial thing to remember is that it needs to be slotted into your schedule BEFORE you start any diet.

You are going to read this, put it away and in a couple of months or years read something else and realise how truetrue this is.

Don’t wait for science to verify this information, if you feel it in your intuitive forces then trust that. Science will mostly study what it can profit from.

Well there is enough scientific consensus anyway (especially from the sources that I trust have our best interests at heart) that we are too stressed out.

And the simple antidote isn’t another diet my love, it’s rest and relaxation aka slowing down just a little bitty bit.

This is actually easier to do than you expect and perhaps you have found it hard because you are feeling jarred up by the “slow down” “take a chill pill” attitude of those that don’t get you.

Scrap that, because there is a way for you to slow down in a way that is unique and natural and effective just for you.

So take a moment now, download my {FREBIE} guide on how Find Your Slow Flow - - - >

In this guide you will get the dot points that I have used and my women’s health coaching clients have used and that countless Eating Psychology Coaches have used with great success to simplify and easily integrate tailored methods to increase relaxation and reduce stress.

Blink, and suddenly you will be a master of slowing down in at least one area of your life and that is all you need.

And let me give you a little tippy tip: Slow IS really sexy.

Just doesn’t seem that way at first.


In one of my upcoming posts I will dive deeper into the science around why slowing down is coming up as THE essential ticket to optimum health for women (and everyone). But it’s not for this post. Just so you know, though, it is 100% back by helpful best interest science in a truly eye opening way. I call this the pointy end of the well-being revolution.

Scrap the diets, rules and fake miracle pills…. Find Your Slow Flow is all the rage! (Am I sounding cool? I hope so.).

What I’m saying is that this is the place you need to start if you want lasting weight loss, lasting weight normalisation, lasting food freedom, lasting resolutions to eating disorders and challenges like binge eating, even bulimia and anorexia, lasting solutions to lethargy, chronic fatigue, sleep issues, confidence issues, emotional eating and overeating challenges.

Starting with a diet is a recipe for personal attack, shame and failure. Telling ya.

It’s not a willpower problem, it’s a diet reversal problem, a chronological problem.

Diets in fact come kinda last.

Does that make sense?

Find Your Slow Flow is the way to set yourself up for dieting success - if and when you come to the point where you feel like a diet will really and truly support your optimum health journey - what ever that is.

And here is the main point in all this, once you Find Your Slow Flow, it will come naturally to slow down in other areas, you’ll get good at it.

Because we made it accessible and doable.

It will likely lead you to naturally make wiser decisions around what your body actually needs.

After slowing down in one area of life you might actually come to the conclusion that dieting is in fact not the method for you.

What we are starting to realise at the pointy end of the well-being revolution is that there are so many other methods that get us where we really want to go.

They are a lot more fun, pleasurable, easy and doable than fads that do not work.

And I’m making them topics of the upcoming blogs in this series yay! :-)

So I AM going to share with you the next stage of “reversing the diet” - because overall well-being, weight normalisation, weight loss secret #1: Find Your Slow Flow was the beginning.

And if you have come this far, you’re ready.

So make sure you share this with as many women you know.

Especially the ones that can support you on a new journey to food and body freedom.

Especially the ones that are young and impressionable and already disliking their bodies.

Especially the ones that have been obsessed with dieting and are getting nowhere (apart from greater self-disapproval) fast.

Share and talk and inspire each other.

Look out for the next two blogs in this series that will cover:

Secret #2 - Base your entire health & well-being goals on this ONE THING

Secret #3 - SECRET WEAPON: What's really blocking you from achieving your health & well-being goals

Great to connect with you lovely and if you have any questions, come hang out in the Facebook Group, you’re just the kind of gal that is invited.

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