Rest to digest

Ever wonder why you can do 'all the right things' and still not lose weight? 

Do you feel like you have been trying to lose those pesky few kilos for years? 

Are you tired of feeling confused about contradictory health advice or lifestyle diets? 

Do the words highly strung, moody, deprived or bloated describe you?

Have you tried everything and still feel exhausted? 

Do you desire SUSTAINABLE wellbeing not fads?

Answering yes to any of these questions?

My upcoming workshop for women could be your cup of tea. 

Launceston, Hobat and Tasmania women you are invited to experience the pointy end of the wellbeing revolution. In this workshop we will be combining the latest scientific research with ancient yoga techniques, Eating Psychology and gut health to explore the missing piece: 


And that’s not only about food but all our metabolic experiences both internal and external. 

Come along and unplug, de-coil, destress with simple techniques that you can incorporate into your every day life to impact your overall health and wellbeing sustainably for the long haul. 

You will leave with a simple everyday toolkit that makes sense in our modern world.

You’ll better understand the connection between food, digestion, your body and stress. 

You will know exactly where to begin on the road to whatever recovery journey you’re on be it emotional, physical or soulful. 

Gain an insight into how biology and spirituality can be used to your advantage to metabolise life experiences, including food. 

Here’s the flow of the day:  

༄ Introduction to the rest and digest connection 

༄ Gentle yoga to activate the parasympathetic nervous system 

༄ Gut health talk and journalling exercise 

༄ Kombucha tasting and making demonstration 

Take home your own kombucha SCOBY and growing instructions.

You'll need comfortable clothing in layers, a blanket or throw, a journal and pen. 

Sunday 1st December 12:30 - 3:30pm 

The Yoga Loft, Launceston

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Your Workshop Host - Miriam Pires

Miriam’s background in corporate finance gave her a not so great sneak peek into the burnt out world of modern women. Harnessing her lifelong passion for common sense health and wellbeing she quit that career and embarked on her calling to help women get sane around food and their body using yoga and Eating Psychology methods. Find out more at