How many times have you walked away from your plate thinking, I should not have stopped 5 mouthfuls ago?

The Japanese have a unique way of eating that could probably go a long way to directing more harmony and pleasure around some of the eating habits we have in the west.

Eat to the point of energy - say the Japanese

Eating with the eyes is probably our equivalent command which means eating everything we see. And that seems to be working out in bloating, IBS, lethargy, unwanted weight gain, etc etc ways. Now that we have much more acceptance of the eastern energetic systems and ways of living, the statements can be quite clearly observed for what they truly represent. Perhaps also a grandparent era throwback ... to a time when food was more scarce, also contributes to the way in which we consume food.

A Change Is As Good As A Holiday

A change is as good as a holiday they say and maybe it's time to adopt the Japanese way of food consumption. It's a great way to be intuitive about your well-being. When do you feel you have ENERGY from your food? Is that now the time to stop eating?

Remember the consequences of eating with the eyes and see if it feels right for you to try eating to the point of (your) energy instead.