My Coffee addiction journey

So this morning I woke up to a crazy voice demanding I skip my morning self care rituals for an immediate coffee hit.

I'm not the kind of person with and addictive personality so this isn't really a comfortable feeling for me, having a dependency, ON COFFEE!

Before I get into this I know you're going to want to know so here it is, my morning ritualistic routine:

  • Wake up between 6-7am (I give myself leeway here)

  • Drink two large glasses of warm lemon water (luckily I have a lemon tree in the back yard)

  • While drinking those, yoga

  • Journaling and card reading

  • Gentle feminine style meditation

  • Beauty routine

  • Green smoothie

OK so by that time it's around 9am-ish and I sit down in front of my computer to work. At 10:30am I usually take my first break and that's when I have my coffee.

This is a recent change to my routine as I used to have coffee earlier, but I re-introduced my morning green smoothie with the aim to get more fresh veggies into each day. It's been going great until this morning. About a week in.

So I did what any great healer does, I journalled. It was such a wonderful personal exploration using Eating Psychology principles, honestly I was feeling so bla that I doubted my ability to get this done. But I discoverd the deeper psychological meaning that coffee has for me AND what I was truly craving for that morning, the words just flowed efforlessly.

You can read the story about that journey and the technique I used to gain insight to deeper meanings on my coffee cravings (or any addiction, dependency) if you sign up to receive my emails here.

These TRUE cravings I uncovered lead me to develop some green smoothie substitutes which I am dying to share with you because these are nutritious and delicious and healthy and tasty and EASY and they hit the spot I was seeking.