My Coffee addiction journey

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

So this morning I woke up to a crazy voice demanding I skip my morning self care rituals for an immediate coffee hit.

I'm not the kind of person with and addictive personality so this isn't really a comfortable feeling for me, having a dependency, ON COFFEE!

Before I get into this I know you're going to want to know so here it is, my morning ritualistic routine:

  • Wake up between 6-7am (I give myself leeway here)

  • Drink two large glasses of warm lemon water (luckily I have a lemon tree in the back yard)

  • While drinking those, yoga

  • Journaling and card reading

  • Gentle feminine style meditation

  • Beauty routine

  • Green smoothie

OK so by that time it's around 9am-ish and I sit down in front of my computer to work. At 10:30am I usually take my first break and that's when I have my coffee.

This is a recent change to my routine as I used to have coffee earlier, but I re-introduced my morning green smoothie with the aim to get more fresh veggies into each day. It's been going great until this morning. About a week in.

So I did what any great healer does, I journalled. It was such a wonderful personal exploration using Eating Psychology principles, honestly I was feeling so bla that I doubted my ability to get this done. But I discoverd the deeper psychological meaning that coffee has for me AND what I was truly craving for that morning, the words just flowed efforlessly.

You can read the story about that journey and the technique I used to gain insight to deeper meanings on my coffee cravings (or any addiction, dependency) if you sign up to receive my emails here.

These TRUE cravings I uncovered lead me to develop some green smoothie substitutes which I am dying to share with you because these are nutritious and delicious and healthy and tasty and EASY and they hit the spot I was seeking.

#1 Green Miso Tea

Put in a blender hot water (not boiling) a tablespoon of organic unfermented miso paste, your choice of green leaves like kale or spinach, add seaweed of your liking (optional) and blitz. Pour into mug and drink. Tip: use everything certified organic.

#2 Hot Green Cacao

Put in a blender hot (not boiling) water or milk of your choice almond is good, a tablespoon of cacao and a level tablespoon of cacao nibs (optional), a teaspoon of matcha powder or spirulina powder, mint leaves, green leaves of your choice, sweetness of your choice like dates, coconut sugar, honey or skip this. Blend to your liking and enjoy. Tip: buy the highest quality ingredients you can afford.

I know these are not coffee substitutes but that is not what my journey was about... you'll have to sign up to my emails to find that out.

Ladies and gents I hope you like these suggestions. Leave me a message to let me know if you try them out and what your thoughts are. I'm enjoying the miso smoothie right now and it's delicious, I feel really warm and nourished. I also love the fact that this is a recipe that was born out of deep me time, it holds even more personal significance.

And let's be honest, what is food without the wonderful emotions that go along with it.

Blessings and well wishes

x Miriam

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