If like me you suffer from repeated bouts of bloating and discomfort from eating a variety of foods, this blog may be for you.

Why do we bloat? Honestly there could be thousands of reasons and perhaps for every bloater their own unique environmental, biological and nutritional trigger reasons would apply. It's a widely popular complaint, and we can't seem to bust it.

When it comes to bloating.... maybe we're just all full of it?

Considering how prevalent it is, and my own condition, I do think there has to be some less obvious reasons why this happens. In my training to become an Eating Psychology Coach, my mentor Marc David talks about the psychological aspect of bloating which made a lot of sense to me, so check it out and tell me how this lands for you.

Undigested Life Experiences

When was the first time you had a traumatic experience in your life? Did you resolve it? What about the most recent trauma... and was that resolved?

Something tells me a lot of us are walking around with unmetabolised life experiences, especially the traumatic ones. I know I look down at my bloat and feel chords being struck with this truth bomb. I can't see a direct and consistent correlation to any specific food with my bloat, I can feel a correlation to stress and anxiety.

Perhaps you can trace the commencement of your bloating back to a specific time? Was this time the onset of some major stress in your life? Could you be carrying the emotional undigested baggage of your past in the middle of your body for safe keeping.

Certainly foods and environment play a big role, but the latest in mind, body, spirit nutrition tells us that the often overlooked aspects of our physiological symptoms are emotional.