How I [Finally] Reached My Health Goals By Reversing The Diet

Part 1 of 4...

Hello lovely and welcome to this blog, I'm Miriam Pires from Higher Balance and I bang on about Intuitive Wellness For Busy Professional Women.

Today I am banging on about what's holding so many chickie babes back from truly (and sustainably) reaching their health and well-being goals.

Let's face the facts....

We have tried all the diets out there...

After dieting we put the weight back on. We can't keep it off (that's been proven in studies by the way). Yet we keep coming back?! Sheeple much?

So the diets don't work.

Ok let's hit the gym, yep feeling great, oh darn life gets in the way, two weeks later school drops offs, birthday dinners (with alluring offerings of some Tamar Valley drop of grape juice) and a few late nights at work and all good intentions are down the drain.

Never mind we'll bring the lululemon gear out for Sunday brunch instead ;-)

It happens to all of us.

We might see some women persist with these strategies a little longer than my exaggerated tales here, but the picture is clear - getting it loud as.

So what are we all missing? What's the point of having so much information if we still can't get to where we want to go?

Why are we still so fatigued, overweight and easily led astray?

Even more stressful is that it's a new year!

Cue those resolutions that will also likely fail.

The feelings that pile on top of each other all pointing to the failure of not being able to stop the binge eating, over eating and emotional eating!

Not being able to fit into that dress.

Not being able to eat clean living and follow that latest lifestyle diet.

Having a long list of weight loss to do's and knowing deeply that it's near impossible to reach those goals.

Then there is the fear....

...I won't be loved if I don't lose weight.

...I won't be respected at work if I am not working out 5 times a week at the gym.

...I'll hate my body in a bikini and feel miserable all over again.

These fears are holding so many women back from... well, EVERYTHING.

They feel like they are on a constant treadmill getting no where fast.

Working so hard to get there and then crashing onto a block of chocolate and glass of red wine five nights in a row, saying diet starts tomorrow, with a wicked laugh that masks the pain of failure.

Do you feel like this is your story too?

Never getting where you really want to go, and the years are ticking by...

Still trying to lose those 5 kilos?

It's exhausting.

Not to mention on a subconscious level deeply self depreciating.

Can you imaging what that is doing to the psyche? Therefore other areas of life?

There really is nothing less motivating than starting a new year off on this foot. Perhaps the same foot as you started last year?

A few years ago I was hiding out at McDonald's daily stuffing my face with a vegetarian big mac, large fries and large chocolate thick shake as I cried myself to bits while trying to deal with the pain of my situation.

Now I find it easy to select wholesome food that my body actually needs.

And I run an Eating Psychology Practice, that helps busy professional women everywhere deal with their eating traumas and lack of self esteem around their bodies.

I'm not afraid of my cravings, I am not afraid of having certain foods in the house, and I can watch others eat their food without feelings of deprivation.

I've figured out a way to a higher balance that suits me.

So no more blindly eating out of the fridge without awareness of what I am doing.

No more feelings of hopelessness around food or by body.

I don't even get desperate for wine or other powerful substances in challenging times.

You see it wasn't easy but I got myself here with a lot of persistence.

I knew that the diets and the workouts were band aid solutions.

Deep down I wanted the solution to be as easy as the 'experts' said it was.

Go on this diet and feel great - yep but then life happened and it wasn't sustainable plus how could I have fun with my friends?

Follow these set of rules and you'll lose weigh, look and feel great...

...well they might have worked for someone else but I'm over here rebelling!

The cookie-cutter approach just doesn't work.

OK well I'll take a bunch of miracle pills....

Yes this is it, I feel on top of the world.... wait how long do I have to take this for? What happens when I stop taking them and I read somewhere supplements go off after some time and which ones should I take for optimum weight loss, oh and at what time..... ???

I was desperate to get any results, and fast, so I listened to all the expert advice. But I was drained, not only in energy but in finances and more confused than ever.

Plus a couple of pounds heavier.

It was all supposed to be so easy.

It used to be much easier.

It was like being on the treadmill but going backwards with weight and stamina?!

This lifestyle makes us obsessed with improving.

We are after the next quick win. The easy way to solve all our eating and body issues.

Lose 5 kilos here, fit into that dress - woo hoo!

Three day cleanse, feeling great :)

Run 4kms three times this week, it's working.

But they don't stick :(

What happened for me was a total meltdown before anything got better.

I felt deluded by the experts, alone, and afraid to talk to anyone about my trauma around food and my body.

I didn't think anyone would understand.

So now I'm all about ensuring as many women like me don't have to go through the meltdown process.

Because there is someone else who gets it too.

Because I figured out a non conventional way to dance around the traditional methods and arrive at the ideal body and food relationship, for good.

Yep, it's a lasting results thing.

You see if the diets worked they would have by now.

And honey don't wait for science to verify what I am about to tell you because there is little money to be made in this strategy so they're not going to study it for you.

That's why you have to intuit if this is right for you or not.

Then, do as I did, and use the empirical method to test it yourself.

That's one of the way's I know my methods work.... time and again they have been PROVEN with clients getting results that stay with them for the long haul.

One of my favourite mottos: Your Life Will Never Be The Same Again

So now, every day I practice my own tailored techniques, minus the diets, rules and fake miracle pills and my life is so much more fulfilling and rewarding.

Once I healed this trauma around food and eating challenges I had space and time for so much more in my life.

I felt liberated.

I wished my mother had this information when I was growing up so I could have seen her in her radiant queenly beauty rather than her peasant women archetype all the time.

My mentor always says "you teach what you have to learn".

So I got out of my own way.

I stopped expecting the old strategies that I knew to work and set out to discover what would work for me.

Letting go of the out dated so-called scientific methods and finally encountering true science, not based on profit... sacred feminine strategies used in ancient times by Cleopatra and other Queen's, plus doable and lasting techniques that actually got me to where I deeply needed and wanted to go.

True well-being only came when I opened the door to exploring my health from a completely different angle than what I had been up until that point.

Because I was completely burnt out from those methods.

Not only that I was hating myself.

How was that supposed to get me the fabulous body I craved?

And the utopian diet I dreamed of?

I decided, time was up.

And I haven't ever looked back.

The funny thing is that now I can "diet" and make it work and last.

You see what I figured out is that we have it all backwards.

Diets can only hope to be successful once we put other things in order.

Let's not throw the baby out with the bathwater.... but the diet comes last. You have to put your ducks in the right order to achieve your long term goals.

Taking this approach changed everything for me.

I put the diets on the shelf and I focused on me.

In that time I achieved a few other dreams, learned a lot about who I really am, found where I wanted to live and who with, changed careers and traveled the world.

I didn't say this was going to be an over night success.

But you don't have to do all those things I did. Because it's not the actions but the mindset to explore what else is not working in life that comes before the diets.

And compared to the stress and pain of failed diets, it's easy, doable and totally worth it.

So I figured out the order of things and a way to hone my attention so that I actually saw results in the way I was approaching my food and my body.

I figured out that my figure was not where I should place my attention if I wanted to have the body and eating habits of my dreams, and maintain them with ease and grace.

Instead of going back to the fridge at midnight and snacking while standing in lieu of therapy.

Little by little, I started to get relief from my anxiety with food and body image.
I noticed subtle shifts, that were easy to come by, without any stress or push or will power requirements.
My energy levels were up.
And my body got stronger.
All because I shifted my attention.
All of a sudden, I had the relationship with food and my body that I had always wanted.
Not a single diet, PT session, cleanse program or affirmation in sight!

I even took up coffee in this time, after having ditched it for five years, because I was feeling so comfortable, confident, clean and in control. I wanted to celebrate with something different and new.

And mostly, because I wanted to.

It was that simple and easy.

I stopped dragging myself down with all these fake diet promises, I unsubscribed like crazy to the masses of newsletters, Facebook and Instagram accounts that promoted the diet mentality.

I exposed myself to good quality nutrition science as well as women's empowerment organisations.

The more I looked into this not so secret, secret to get the process of approaching my food and body relationship in the right order then the more it made perfect sense.

Seeing it unfold in my life and the life of my clients was mind boggling at first.

It's second nature to me now.

I can't believe how easy and enjoyable it is to live this way, and mostly that we're still sold the old way of doing things!

Having this attitude is possible for you too.

Looking at life from a new lens.

Beyond diets, rules and fake miracle pills.

Harnessing the power of your own wellspring of wisdom to make the right choices.

Knowing where to start, and how to continue on the journey in a way that is easy and nourishing on all levels.

Being kinda like a Queen of your own life.

I think 2019 is going to be that for you! 😎

It's your year to see progress.

Grow into the women that feels confident.

Be reliable and trustworthy to yourself around food.

Fully own the skin you are in 😉

But you have to take action.

My dear you have to want to put things in order.

You have to be READY.

I know that transformation around food and body will come with inspired right action, not diet fluff.

We are doing this for generations of women, girls and the world.

It takes courage to step outside the norm and find a new way.

So if you are a YES to this information then you will love my next blog...

I'm going to unpack the framework for resetting your approach to your health and well-being goals!

Would you like that?

This is the exact formula I use with my clients.

I'll show you

Secret #1 - My Silver Bullets to Health & Well-being

Secret # 2 - What to base your entire health goals on

Secret #3 - What's really blocking you from achieving your goals

So you can start your journey to the food and body connection you have always dreamed of.

Sounds amazing right!

x Miriam

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p.p.s. Every Monday I run the Binge Liberation Online Journey for busy professional women, it's 14 days of the best kept secrets to ditching binge eating beyond diets FOREVER.