🥦 🥬 🥒 Have you heard of ORTHOREXIA?

It’s an unhealthy obsession with eating strictly healthy food, and while not yet registered as an official eating disorder on the diagnostic manual (DSM) — it is a thing.

Probably the thing that I had to be frank (!) and something I know some of my friends, acquaintances and clients display symptoms off.

Such symptoms include a desire for what is deemed as ‘pure’ foods only and a fear or judgement of anything deemed to be unhealthy or impure. Also, avoiding eating with other people in order to more easily restrict food. Lack of flexibility and loss of ability to eat in an intuitive manner - think the Dalai Lama who is strict in diet but is also situationally flexible. Orthorexic eaters are not, and therefore often have to decline social outings.

It’s not gender specific, unlike anorexia and bulimia and those who suffer from it also display narcissistic and holier than thou tendencies 😬 STOP LOOKING AT ME.

Ask yourself:

✔ do you sacrifice pleasure with food to feel health superiority?

✔ do you judge food on a purity scale but often get lost in grey areas and feel guilty?

✔ have you become less intuitive with food and more prescriptive?

✔ can you eat out with friends without any qualms?

✔ will you eat a Tim Tam (or packet) and not berate yourself?

True healthy eating starts by realising we are not machines.

We are living breathing organic creatures that fluctuate and change all the time.

That includes our eating patterns, our body shape etc.

This is not to say I don’t support healthy eating, I do.

This is not to say my body does not like lots of green food, it LOVES them.

But a so-called ‘healthy’ approach that does not take a holistic view of the human?
i.e. mental, social, spiritual health as well as physiological health...
….isn’t healthy: sorry but it’s obsessive and that is unhealthy!

It is practically 2022 and while I definitely have some go-to weight loss and detox protocols I lean on when needed, this unhealthy obsession with healthy food and the perfect lean body is not something you will find supported by me.

I want a sexy and attractive body just as much as the next person and I am just as susceptible to the marketing and manipulation of the wellness industry as you. But I have chosen to live life on this planet as a human, not a machine obsessed with optimum states so I can live forever. No, I plan on dying, and dying well! So while I am up against it, I choose pleasure and aliveness over perfection.

Unless you are on an illness recovery health protocol, are a high performance athlete, or just want to give your body a short break from regular lifestyle habits there is no need to restrict.

Humans have come in all shapes, sizes, colours, abilities and health conditions since the dawn of time, pre processed foods and pre sedentary lifestyle. Your unique body is not a reflection of ill-health. Your thick thighs are just thick, they don't need liposuction. Your soft belly is renaissance. Your body hair is el normal. Welcome to life on planet earth.

We must be the generation to normalise the human experience for what it is.

As much as I want to help my clients lose weight and be super healthy so they can enjoy life to the maximum, I also know that a journey towards TRUE whole human health also involves stripping away the confusion about what it means to be a healthy human that can survive the vicissitudes of life, weight loss…weight gain… AND ALL.

Believe in you ✨


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See you there, Miriam.