colour Counts

It's not what you think. Eating lots of colours IS good for you because of all the antioxidants, BUT ALSO BECAUSE your body ANTICIPATES!

Ever felt that really intense salivation experience when you know exactly the dish you crave and where to get it, only time and space separates you from your perfect meal matrimony?

My Favourite Salad

A salad that someone else creates for moi and has perfectly balanced flavours with produce straight from the garden.

I really wished that I craved salads as much as I kind of want to eat them (make sense?). The fact is that I do crave them, I crave the Sydney style rocket, pear, walnut and parmesan or the orange segment, pomegranate, fennel and baby spinach with balsamic...

Please Make Me A Salad

So already I'm activating my cephalic phase digestive response. What's that? It's a neat trigger in us that starts digesting food before we have consumed it. Huh? Yup, it does that. If you think about the food and want the food... your incredibly intelligent body will commence gastric secretion which is part of the its warehouse operations for food processing. AKA digest while you salivate.

Eating With The Eyes

I don't want to state the obvious here but if you are already digesting before you have put the food in mouth, that's a good thing right?

Back to salads, yes the multiple colours mean good things for the nutrients I can extract for my body's growth and maintenance (probably just maintenance for me) however if I am really in anticipation of that salad due to the enticing colours and textures then I am more likely to have a metabolically enhanced eating experience. My insides are well prepared for what's to come, everything gets busy doing its digestive thing in there even way before the food arrives in the stomach. Yes that is a good thing.

One More Obvious Insight

If you're on a diet and limiting foods or as they say in the community 'food restricting', you are likely eating boring food you think is healthy for you (or trying too - good luck with that). That's great if you actually look forward to it, but the likelihood is that you do not. Just remember that you cannot outsmart the body. Everything is there for a reason. Some sources say that you can digest up to 80% of a meal using the Cephalic Phase Digestive Response, it's like burning calories with your thoughts. So go on, crave those delicious colourful salads (and burgers ;-) because you've already half eaten them anyway.