food is making you sick

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

Well it's not food, but the fear of it that is keeping a lot of us very unhealthy! Find out why.

You've heard it before ... not that long ago, we were under real 'beast eats woman' threat from simply trying to head out for the evening meal. For our hunter-gatherer ancestors the fight or flight thing was a matter of survival because we were the meal. Our biology is in fact pretty much the same, even though we might have evolved (debatable) in others ways, such as intellectually and emotionally.

We still need food and we have the same fight or flight reactions. Difference being food is instant and ubiquitous whereas being eaten alive, life or death danger, is scarce.

A Bone To Pick With Food Fear

Fear causes the body's main functions to slow down... that means digestion and most metabolic functions.

It has to, for us to escape the saber tooth tiger we need to have energy pumping to the limbs for fast action getaway and the brain for quick thinking. We don't have those kinds of fears anymore, but the trigger is the same, biology is the same. So when we're in fear of something... what happens.....?

Digestive Shutdown

It might seem rational to avoid food if you want to lose weight or stay away from what's often called trigger foods, but these actions cause a build up of stress around food and eating. Stress is the modern chronic version of fight or flight.

So bingo we are in constant digestive shutdown.

The fear we have around food keeps us fat. The fear of food is making us eat under stressful conditions meaning not only is the body unresponsive to digesting a meal optimally, it's also struggling to assimilate nutrients and eliminate waste.

You think you're doing the right thing by avoiding foods but the deeper issue, that you're afraid of food, is keeping you from reaching your well-being goals.

Stop and Savour

Luckily the solution is really easy: relax around food. It's natural to eat. It's like the air we breathe, we have to have food. And choosing a friendly relationship with it will see you on a sustainable path to reaching your goals, no matter what they may be.