This is the place to be if you're struggling with food, diet or body image related issues and you're just not sure where to next.

The Eating Psychology Approach

When it comes to losing weight, emotional eating, binge eating, over eating, eating disorders like bulimia and anorexia, YOU KNOW that it's not just about what you eat, but who you are as an eater. 

Who is that woman at the table, in front of that plate?

Is it the nice girl today?

Is it ms perfection?

Is it ms critical?

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Lets face it, if it were as simple as going on a diet, then you would already have your perfect body by now.

We all would!

No, it's not that, it's not a diet, or lack of trying.


It's the company you keep.

It's your job and your relationship.

It's your thoughts and your past.

It's the things you hate to admit.

All these things and more are what actually count towards where you're REALLY at with food & body.

A rich tapestry of what makes you you.

What makes you eat the way you do.

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OK so the great news; your set backs are the key to moving forward.

Put it this way.... if diets haven't worked for you, they're never going to.

If will power hasn't worked it's not going to.

If hating yourself into skinny hasn't worked, it's not going to.


ACTUALLY SIDE NOTE: A scientific fact, 98% of diets FAIL.

By the third year after a "successful" diet, most people put on more weight than they lost. DIETS MAKE YOU PUT ON WEIGHT.

So there is key number 1. Diets [whatever else you have tried] do not work. Now you know WHAT NOT TO DO.

Key number 2. is that the reason you stuff your face is that you haven't faced your stuff!

So the simple truth is that your emotional baggage holds the secret to healing food and body shame.

But you knew that.

You're a switched on woman.

You know it's not the food.

But your stress, your anxiety, your coping capacity, your self worth.

It's those things.

So you think simple: don't treat the symptom, heal the root cause!

But not so simple: how to get to the root cause, and not fall apart on the way? Not dig up the past. Not feel yikk.

This is where most of us hit the snooze / avoid / denial button hard.

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But you don't have to.


So here is an invitation....

If you're READY to dive into the truth about your current unwanted and persistent eating or body challenges to finally break free from the restrictive lifestyle of hating your body and fearing food then

you're invited to book in a

FREE Food & Body Assessment.

Is it ever ms content and confident?

Because it's not about your will power.

And it's not about the perfect lifestyle diet.

Free Food & Body Assessment

Here's how it works...

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Try before you buy!

To find out if you're a good fit for the intuitive eating psychology approach to healing food and body challenges you're invited to book a


In the session we will briefly take into account your current food and body situation, family and personal history and your goals to help you create a plan for moving forward with confidence.

The consult can go from between 15 - 60 minutes and is all done online, from the comfort of your own home.

There are a wide range of coaching options plus pricing plans to suit most and once we know that the fit is right we will discuss options to suit your personal needs.

Sounds better than a stressful, expensive, restrictive lifestyle diet you'll never be able to maintain RIGHT!!!

So what are you waiting for, there is absolutely no obligation and it's free.

See you soon

x Miriam Pires

Intuitive Eating Psychology Coach


Hear what women have to say...

I feel blessed to have made the connection with such an amazing Coach and woman.


Do I do this, do I do that, do I eat this? Do I avoid that? I had tried so many ways of getting to an end result; only to discover myself back at square one feeling more disheartened, deflated and disempowered.


Miriam took me on a journey of self exploration and self love. A pivotal shift in the way I was approaching health and nutrition and food in general.


Jane, Publishing Director

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What I received from working with Miriam was so much more than guidance with my health issues. The biggest thing I gained was so much self love and acceptance.


I was able to stop beating myself up about things i did or ate and start being a lot kinder and actually start to implement what i learned from her and make real progress in my life.

I would highly recommend Miriam to anyone wanting to change their health or mindset. I cannot thank Miriam enough for the impact she has made in my life

Kelly, Bookkeeper 

Who is this for?

The Eating Psychology Approach is an entirely new way to view your current unwanted food and body related challenges.

It's a paced and sure method meaning it's not for anyone seeking an overnight fix, sorry!

If you're ready to dive into root causes and connect dots that you were previously blind to, this is for you.

It creates subtle shifts that have a profound and lasting effect on your relationship to food and your body.


There are no diets, no rules, no miracle pills or smoothies

It's for you if you want to learn and grow into the woman you are meant to be, make better food choices and love your body through all its changes.

It means you will have someone cheering you on unconditionally.

Gain confidence, self love and self respect.


This approach provides lifelong lessons to help you get through any food and body crisis so you have the power to self coach, heal and continue moving forward.

Don't sit on the fence any longer, you deserve to enjoy life, food, your body and you deserve love.

The Eating Psychology Approach...

About Miriam

Eating Psychology Coach, psychotherapist, Yoga Instructor, well-being mentor, step-mum, animal lover and all round health nut.

Miriam fuses general nutrition of mind body & soul together with emotional psychology of who we are as eaters to help individuals create nourishing relationships to food and their bodies.