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Nine out of ten people I meet say they need my services! Can you believe that food and body image issues are that systemic? Meaning you are not alone. Don't assume that because this is not a discussed topic it's not common. It is. So congratulations on giving yourself permission to ask for help, many never do. 

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Find out if 1:1 coaching is for you  with a relaxed 20 minute {free} food & body transformation online consult with Miriam. 


Rewire Your Brain

Unlearn the bad habits by simply instilling new ones with this straight forward food and body awareness meditation. Listen often! 


Archetype Quiz

The Food & body Archetype Quiz will help you to see your current situation from a different perspective.


You have everything, all the answers you need inside of you. And you're also allowed to ask for help to get where you want to go. 

Miriam, Soulful Psychology of Food & Body