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Hey lovely, you know the choices we make every single day influence our big picture life. And until we review those choices it's hard to break unwanted habits and realise wellbeing dreams. 

For many women getting stuck as happened over time. So this quiz has been designed not to scare you, but to turn the light on for you. 

For each question answer as many of the choices that applies to you consistently in your life.

Oh and you can completely let go of criticism.


We're here to get empowered through honesty and acceptance, so be real, healing and change starts there.


Question 1. Lifestyle

Q1. Answer as many that apply

Question 2. Body Image

Answer as many that apply

Question 3. Food Freedom

Answer as many that apply

Question 4. Self Talk

Answer as many that apply

Question 5. Relationships & Work

Answer as many that apply

Question 6. Spirituality & Wellbeing

Answer as many that apply

Results Time!

Yay, you've completed the quiz.

The purpose of this is not to make you self conscious. 

Anyone can go on a diet and lose five kilos (but put it back on). 

However lasting change takes a different approach. 

As you already know, my methods are not typical but they do work so expect something a little different.


Now go ahead and tally up how many ticks you selected and place that number in the box below.