A Collection of My Favourite Relaxing Things


Everything I have curated in my shop has been carefully plucked to help you access deeper states of waking and sleeping relaxation so you can show up for the stressy times in life still glowing.

Your Glowing System


We do not grow up in a culture that educates us to consume for our body systems.


Most of us are only aware of two things and that is our taste buds plus instant gratification.

For a long time it was thought that you could not affect change on many of the systems in the body, but we have come along way and neuroscience is proving that the autonomic nervous system is not so automatic after all.

Taking more control over it, and predominantly our levels of stress is the place to begin on your journey back to health, be it for weight loss, increasing muscle mass, ceasing to eat in disordered ways, sugar cravings and other trigger food addictions. 

You can change the way your sympathetic nervous system (SNS) which is your fight, flight, freeze mechanism works by inducing states of calm and thereby turning on your parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) rest and digest mode.    

Tools to affect these autonomic nervous system pathways include they way you breathe, how large your portion sizes are and the quality of your ability to decompress after intense focus or stress. 

Always, this is the place I begin with my clients because all other strategies are null and void if we are operating from chronic low levels or worse chronic moderate to high levels of stress. 

The body cannot heal in a stressed state. 

Tap into accessing your parasympathetic nervous system response and you have the right foundation for other transformational change. 

Starting to think more about feeding your body systems that keep you alive and well than the distractions of modern life that keep you ill. 

The products I am sharing with you from beauty, holistic health and mental wellbeing are hand curated by me, often made by me. 

This is part of the slow consumption movement to chemical free and low waste living that I have been enjoying for the past fifteen years. 

Welcome to the Glow State.



How To Glow

The Soulful Psychology of Food & Body Official Shop

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Shefa Self Care Range

This isn't like going to see a psychologist or feeling like a patient. I work with a close bond style that means you have a huge amount of soulful support. 

I also don't make you fit around the process, I tailor my style and the strategies  to suit you.


So you're enjoying becoming healthy and you find answers within, this is how we make it a lifelong success.

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Certified Organic Essential Oils

My own personal breakthrough in relation to my binge eating came from a group program with my mentor and I've also experienced the most personal development from circle work.

There is a powerful energy that comes from doing things with others who are on the same path.

The Body Sovereignty Club is affordable & life changing.

Brown Eye Closeup

Deep Glow States

As a special addition to my online coaching work I have launched Walk & Talk. 

Walking outdoors is a therapeutic modality physically and mentally. If you live in the Northern NSW, Tweed Coast, Byron Shire or Gold Coast areas then let's connect.

A beach walk and deep talk about where you're at with food & body. 

Let's move and breathe.

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