Rewire Your Brain


Deep Glow

Transformation needs to be approached from multiple angles for it to be successful and sustainable. 

Neuroscience has already confirmed that mindfulness practices as well as the ancient science of yoga Nidra are powerful for effecting change. 

The Deep Glow hypnotic meditations are designed to focus enough of your attention so you don't fall asleep and move that attention around so you're not really concentrating on any one thing but accessing deep states of relaxation to recover lost  restfulness

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Image by Kadarius Seegars

Shefa Self Care Range

Welcome to my small batch, hand crafted self care range of beauty oils designed to hydrate ageing skin.

I make these personally and infuse them with the highest quality ingredients and intention.

They are made to order and express my love for the vain drawn out powder room rituals of yesteryears coupled with nature and her simplicity.


Image by Jazmin Quaynor

Organic Essential Oils

You can buy the same oils that I use in my Shefa Self Care range directly.

What I love about essential oils is that they have multiple uses, so one bottle can clean your house, make your air smell delicious, work on your skin and relax you in the bath!

There are many on the market out there but I like these because they are certified organic and that's important due to the concentrated nature of essential oils


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Surround Yourself

With myself and my clients, rather than focusing on what we find really hard to change, like the foods we feel addicted to, and the world of youth obsession that we live in, I focus on creating elevation in life.  It has an empowering effect at best and a neutralising one at worst so there is no down side.