Body Sovereignty


Finally it's here!

I have been creating this program in my head and heart for years and finally it is the perfect time to bring this offering to you.

Group coaching in my opinion is one of the greatest untapped resources for personal growth and transforming ourselves into the people we want to be.


I spent four years in women's circles and had my own major personal breakthrough with my binge eating during a six month Food & Body Transformation group work program with my own mentor, Mark David - the founder of The Institute For The Psychology Of Eating.

So I know first hand how powerful group coaching can be to assisting in your transformation.

Transformation is the name of the game here!

If you are after a flat stomach or a green smoothie influencer lifestyle diet you are in the wrong place.

This is for those who are interested in permanently enhancing their relationship with food and body so that they can live a life of more freedom.

A life free of counting calories, obsessing about macros or looking for the next quick way to lose five or twenty five kilos, stressing about what to order from the menu, emotionally eating and focusing on body flaws, you name it.


A life filled instead with delight at the sight of chocolate cake or the feeling of pleasure and calm knowing there is ice cream in the house, a feeling of being lovable, liking your body and just enjoying life!

Imagine, returning to the state you once were at during childhood. You ate what you wanted, when you wanted it and your whole focus was pleasure and delight. Not a single worry about cellulite or fat grams.

Imagine feeling so confident you could order anything off the menu, deal with all the family critique about your weight and never let anyone near you who didn't appreciate your worth!

Imagine treating food and your body not as the enemies but just as another part of life, like breathing.

What would you trade to have a life like that?

A simple life of finding food easy.

A life of accepting your body instead of hating it?

Living with confidence and high levels of self esteem?

Would you like to continue on the same treadmill of despair and struggle? Or would you be willing to invest a little now so that for the rest of your life you could experience that freedom?

What would you do to finally give up the diet and weight obsession in exchange for liberation?

You dear reader, are ready!

So I would like to personally invite you on this journey to reclaiming a healthy relationship to food and body.

You're invited to join the


A 12 Month Food & Body Transformation Journey with...

Your guide, mentor, coach & cheerleader!


Miriam Pires

Eating Psychology Coach

Why 12 Months?

The Food & Body program I did was six months and it was obvious we were not ready to finish. The Circle work I did was four years and I leaned and grew a lot, so 12 months is my compromise based on the content I want to share. With this amount of time I am confident you will get the resources you need for lasting lifelong change on your own throughout the course of life.

Body Sovereignty is a full 12 month long guided journey because...


By three months you start to get the basic principles but everything is still new. This is the steep learning curve part of the program.


You're getting it, seeing the benefits and feeling very hopeful, but old habits are hard to die and life needs space to happen too. If we stop now the changes may not last.


By now you have had a small or major breakthrough. Witnessed first hand how powerful the Intuitive Eating Psychology strategies are and seen their effects on your life, and on others too. It's not just making sense, you're seeing change and feeling empowered.


You are not the same person. The principles are firmly embedded through practice and your life is one of pleasure not punishment. From the food and movement choices you make to the way you care for your body. Challenges that surface now, are dealt with in such a different way.

Your life is forever changed! 

No exaggeration.

We all want change and we want it yesterday.

But the truth is that lasting change takes time.

We also need to allow for LIFE to get in the way, so 12 months means that even if you miss some weeks, you will not fall behind.

Once you admit that 12 months to change lifelong bad habits is reasonable and realistic it wont seem like such a long time.


In fact it seems like such a short amount of time!


It's not what you eat or how you exercise that counts, it's more about who you are when you have a plate of food put in front of you and why you move your body ~ Miriam Pires 

Program Content

Phase 1 - Emotions & You 

Firstly we will be exploring the emotional side of your food and body related challenges. You will get to know quite intimately what is actually at the root of your persistent and unwanted issues so you can start addressing the underlying cause, which will then create awareness, which leads to natural (not forced) change.


Awareness heals.


At this time you will learn the fundamentals of taking the Intuitive Eating Psychology Approach as per the 11 Mind Body Nutrition Dimensions, 8 Dynamic Eating Psychology Dimensions and 9 Key Soul Lessons.


This phase is all about getting to know you.


What you feel you can heal.


And we do it in the most loving, doable, patient way!


Because Love heals. 

Expect this phase to be a fun mix of science and soul. 

Phase 2 - Nutrition & The World

Now that you have the essential framework and a strong foundation of guiding principles (not strict diets that don't teach you much) you can start to focus on adapting your external environment to make change.


You see I am a firm believer that we place diets in the wrong chronological order, most people hate their bodies and go on a diet (and fail), but in actuality you must love yourself first, and then you will chose to eat right for your body.


Your body will want you to restrict certain foods because they do not work for you.


So you will succeed when you go on a personalised "diet" because you love your body.

As Dr Libby Weaver would say "most people will tell you have to lose weight to be healthy but it's the other way around, you need to be healthy to lose weight."


This phase is where we experiment more with food and I am guiding you based on your chosen health goals be it: 


 weight set point stabilisation

better strength

elevating energy levels & restful sleep

dealing with allergies

reducing inflammation

healing bloating

and so on.


You will get you the tools you need to know what is healthy and right for your body, tailored to you and these lessons will guide you for life.  

Expect this phase to be an exciting mix of nutritional science and spirituality. 

We will make haste towards our goals with presence and patience!


White Branch

What You Get

12 Months of Food & Body Transformational Group Coaching

One to one coaching is truly amazing but it's expensive and it can be isolating for some who feel like they're the only ones having this experience. The Body Sovereignty journey is long enough to help ensure you embed new habits, make new friends, feel so supported and realise results.

What's different about this program? 

This is not a pre-recorded online course, I am there with you live the entire way and we are gathering in real time. You don't have a back end to log into, so all you need is an email account to receive my news, access to join zoom meetings/phone calls and a journal to take notes. There is a Facebook community group which you can also join but it is not mandatory. 

Fortnightly Schedule & Weekly Coaching Calls

Each fortnight there is a new focus with support material. 

However to cater for varying schedules and time zones, calls are held every week and alternate between two options.

One week it's Tuesday 10:30am AEDT Sydney, Australia

Monday 11:30pm GMT

Monday 4:30pm MST

& the next week it's

Wednesday 5pm AEDT Sydney, Australia

6:30am GMT

11:30pm MST.

(These times will shift once daylight savings stops in Australia and starts in the northern hemisphere.)

You get a reminder each Monday about the time, zoom link and phone number.

Audio will be recorded and sent out via email in case you missed the call.


You're encouraged to attend a call per fortnight on average to maintain momentum.

You can attend all calls, or attend on less frequent basis, however fortnightly is a good benchmark as a fortnight gives you enough time to apply what you learn in between coaching calls.


It's your choice to share your journey as much or as little as you like.


Participation is a great way to be seen and heard in a safe place - to find your voice!


The greater the amount of participation the greater you grow and help others grow. However it is not mandatory to share on any of the group coaching calls, your level of participation is yours to own.


You can access the group coaching via phone or dial into the zoom conference.

Group Support

A private Facebook club lounge has been set up for member support and sharing where you can get to know each other and continue the conversation outside of the group calls.

Cost in AUD

Start up price

For the lucky first 10 ladies who commit, the entire 12 months Body Sovereignty Journey is only

$660 paid monthly at $55 per month


$600 upfront with a 1:1 session with Miriam included.

NOTE: At this price you agree to provide a video testimonial of your experience.

Regular price

After that it goes up to full price at


$1,620 paid monthly at $135 per month


$1500 upfront (still an absolute bargain!)

and you get a 1:1 private coaching session with Miriam.

At full price that is 12 months group coaching for less than the price of three months private coaching!

Why So Affordable?

I'm offering this at such a great value so that no one misses out.

It's time to transform the way the world sees bodies, the way we eat and relate to food, and that transformation starts with me and you.

We are doing this so that we change and others around us change too.

This is the opportunity to ditch fad diets and get professional, personal development coaching, that lasts a lifetime instead!

There are no gimmicks or too good to be true promises here.

I will do everything in my power to help you get where you want to go and you will do the work to transform your relationship with food and body.

I know you will not regret this decision.

This is truly a life changing way to approach your food & body issues.

Are you ready to level up your life? 

Are you ready for Body Sovereignty?


I trust this process so much that if after three months of proven fortnightly attendance, participation and action you are not convinced the Body Sovereignty journey is for you we will cancel your membership and provide you with a 50% refund. Due to the highly affordable nature of this program we cannot offer a full refund, sorry, but I think that this is fair for both parties.


Are you ready for

body sovereignty?

Is a food & body transformation journey calling you?


If you're convinced that diets deserve the boot and there is another way to achieve your food, body & mind transformation goals then you're invited.

I'll see you in there.

And if you still have questions email me here

It's me behind this email address so I will personally be answering your questions.

Still need help deciding?

I have created an overview masterclass, so if you are still not sure if Body Sovereignty is right for you please watch this video and it will help you make a conscious choice for yourself. 

Remember you are powerful.

You have all you need within you.

Trust your deep deep intuition. 

You of all people know what is best for you.