While everyone is chasing the dream... you will find me revelling in the sweetness of the journey.

What's the same thing those close to dying regret about their lives?

Not having the perfect butt?

Not detoxing enough?

Never getting that breast augmentation?

I'm so glad I spent all those years hating my body, comparing myself and dieting.... said no one dying ever.

I am so sorry you have spent any time of your precious life worrying about your external appearance due to the pressures from society, family, friends, partners and yourself.

As I write that a pang of pain and a tear emerge.

I feel the suffering of self rejection under this broken system that does not understand the magic of being human, of living in this body for a short lifetime on this beautiful earth.

You can decide to change RIGHT NOW and see the beauty in yourself.

You can decide to stop worrying and begin living.

You can chose to love yourself NOW, even despite your "flaws" —  permission granted.

Because one day you will die!

And what will it all have been for?


Body Sovereignty 


Your body has a language, but it's not in words. Do you hear it speak?

Based on Eating Psychology, Intuitive Eating, Health at Every Size and the latest in Neuroscience you can learn your natural cravings and hunger cues, transition from chronic dieting to eating intuitively, lose weight naturally and learn to live in harmony with your body so you can fully enjoy life NOW!

Being vulnerable and admitting you need help



Arriving at the place where you raise your hand and say, I cannot do this on my own. I wont suffer like this any longer.

I was there.

It's a courageous act of self love.

When you admit this you are already breaking free.

I was studying psychology at Swindburne University online while I was working full time in marketing for financial services. I was seeking answers to my own psyche issues; being raised in a high control group, mirrored body shame, fear of food, betrayal and mother wounding.

I was struggling to stay afloat with my work and studies, no support.

But I desperately wanted deep healing.

I needed answers to why I kept turning to food.

That's when I discovered the Psychology of Eating and my life changed.

I finally reached out for help.

We all have those moments when the right book, youtube video, conversation or expert appears and we finally feel safe to admit our problems because we see the solution in sight.

You're here for a reason.

 Trust the wisdom of your wounds.

Be guided by your intuition, it knows.

Reach out for help with your healing, you do not have to do this alone and you can live a life free from food obsession, chronic dieting, body shame, eating disorders and unwanted food & body related challenges.

Take what you need.

You are welcome here.


1:1 Private Coaching 

Free Consultation

Weekly Sessions

Close Bond Coaching Style

(I have your back)

Tailored & Sustainable Strategies You Can Use For Life 

Lasting Results

Neuro ReProgramming

Follow up care


Affordable and life changing!


Programs tailored to you.

Pay in full, subscription based, or as you go.

Scholarships are available.

Book a 20 minute consult to get to know me and let's discover if this work is right for you.

Paths on the journey

There are no two humans alike and so each Body Sovereignty journey is completely different and accordingly tailored. Below are some of the major areas covered when working with my clients on their challenges.

How to eat intuitively

The 3 silver bullets to health & wellbeing

Anti-diet approach to weight loss & fat loss

Dynamic Eating Psychology & Mind Body Spirit Nutrition

The soulful meaning of fat on the body

Trauma and weight, the correlations

Weight normalisation

Weight loss

Western cultural obsession with thin and pretty

Taboos like sex, money, shadow work and death

Religious de-conditioning / institutional trauma

Emotional Eating, Binge Eating, Over Eating

Bulimia, Anorexia, Eating Disorders and Disordered Eating, Orthorexia

Nutrition & Diet

Archetypes relating to food & body

Yoga, Mindfulness, Meditation, the Breath

Elevating Life & Glowing

Skin care, beauty, slow fashion, chemical free living, Organic Life

The real meaning of self love, self care and self maintenance - how to look after the whole human self - HOLISTIC COACHING

Shadow Work, Depression, Soul Lessons

Movement for Pleasure & Pleasure with Food & Body


I'd love to meet you and see if I can help.


If you have any questions email me miriam@miriampires.com