I Am Your Genie

You Have Three Wishes

Go right for your deepest desires. What are they?

What are the three things around food & body you most crave from being here and connecting with me?

Tune in and feel it. Feel good? Maybe a little unrealistic and scary?

This is where we begin. Your desires are my focus because I help you get where YOU want to go.

Not my desires for you. Not your mum's or societies, I help you figure out exactly what you want, clarify it, and then help you reach it using techniques that will last you this lifetime. 

Thrive In Body, Psyche, Mind, Soul & Spirit

You are an incredible dynamic human being.

I have enormous respect and admiration that you are alive and surfing all the challenges that you face here on our beautiful planet Earth.

I see you through the eyes of the loving mother you need.

The big or little sister who tells you truths you need to hear.

The expert who points out the obvious blind spots you can't see.

The friend who loves you unconditionally.

The guru who will gladly fall off the pedestal so you connect more with me.

The fellow human also on the same journey.

To me you are special and unique with your own upbringing, current environment, education, career, family dynamics, likes and dislikes, allergies, past stories, addictions, fears, mistakes and accomplishments.

All of this ties into the bigger picture of who you are as a human with a body that needs to eat to survive and it is my business to help you get from where you currently are to where you want to go.

The three wishes.

And I do that by taking a holistic approach to your journey.

I see what you can't.

And equally I get so much from having the honour of being allowed into your personal life story to help you with the task of becoming an intuitive eater in a healthy body.


I don't give you the fish, I don't even teach you how to fish. I guide you to be the captain of the fishing boat.

Miriam Pires

Soulful Psychology of Food & Body


My Why

From a young age it fascinated me that people hated their bodies.

I watched my mother deal with body shame and yo-yo dieting.


She loved food, cooking and eating was her passion, but she could never enjoy this pleasure without a generous helping of guilt and excuse making.

Witnessing the irony that a beautiful woman felt ugly just because of pleasure and her curvy child bearing body, as a young girl I vowed to never be like that.

Fast forward and despite a healthy lifestyle I was just like that.

Until one day, I decided I would not live my life without at least trying to break this cycle of disliking my body, feeling confused or in fear of food, bloating, weight yoyoing, dieting, detoxing, health obsession and fasting all the time to no avail.

I was sick of living this way.

I wanted answers.


I wanted to know why we were subjected to hating our bodies and stressing about food all the time and I was keen to rebel against this construct.

It wasn't just my mum though. I also saw people around me in corporate who were stressed, fatigued, mindlessly shoveling food without leaving their desks and seemingly allergic to whole foods.

Something was really wrong with this picture too.

So I went on my own journey and through finding the right studies, mentors, coaches and my own almost twenty year meditation and yoga practice, answers came.

How I work

No two people have the same past, environment, circumstances, likes, dislikes, family of origin, allergies, beliefs, genetic pre-disposition, lifestyle, habits or goals.


So why would the same strategy work for all of us?


My job is to find out what works for you, so you can actually realize your health goals and maintain them.

That last part is important.

In my 1:1 private work I prefer a close bond coaching style and working to your personality so you feel fully seen, heard and special - this is an important part of the work and clients often comment on this aspect of my coaching.

I use a variety of tools from shadow and mirror work, mild hypnosis / repetition based on the way we learn as children, neuroscience to rewire neural pathways so you adapt to new habits.  

All of this is based in positive psychology, humanistic psychology, intuitive eating, the psychology of eating, health at every size and the anti-diet approach to nutrition so again, it's holistic and tailored to you.


Doable, realistic and not a meal plan in sight. At the end of it you will have a bespoke way to best navigate your life challenges based on who you are.

You will know how to handle cravings, triggers, weight fluctuations in the body, what is real science and what is a distraction, you will know what your body wants and how best to look after it for optimum health.

On top of that you will love yourself, so all of this will come naturally.

Collective Growth

Do it for your daughter.

Do it for your son.

Do it for your mother.

Because we are all one.

When you upgrade your relationship with food and learn to look after your body, you become a different person.

You need food to live and you live in a body. Food & body IS LIFE!

That new upgraded person has different interactions with those she meets.

Your words and actions have a lasting butterfly effect on the planet.

Believe in yourself.

You matter.

Born in Portugal, raised in Australia, heart is gypsy. 

For the first 21 years of my life I was brought up as a Jehovah's Witness. Escaping that cult religion was the most courageous and the best thing I ever did but it came with a high price; letting go of everything and then suffering years of emotional and psychological trauma.

I was depressed, taking drugs and over eating to numb out for over 10 years, we might as well say I was lost. But I did see light at the end of the tunnel.

With professional help, a yoga practice and deep connection to Gaia (earth) throughout my spiritual journey to awaken to my authentic self I found healing. The soul lessons have been, and are, massive.

I've traveled from Tasmania to Iceland and lots in between, so  home is where I lay my hat, which currently is in the sub-tropical climate of Northern NSW, Australia.

Running my practice online means I can connect with my clients all over the world and continue being true to my traveling heart.

Thank you for reading a bit about my story!

If you want to connect and share your story, ask me a question, or work with me, get in touch via my email miriam@miriampires.com or through social media.


I'd love to hear from you.

x Miriam


Miriam is a soul centred Certified Eating Psychology & Mind Body Coach (USA), a current  psychology major (AUS) and qualified yoga teacher (Portugal) with a fifteen year background in financial services marketing. She was born in Portugal, brought up in Australia and has traveled extensively. Raised in the Jehovah's Witness cult under religious fundamental conditions she experienced emotional and psychological abuse, but freed herself at the age of twenty two. Food was one of her coping mechanisms until she wanted to out-grow this dependency. Now she helps others to free themselves from the brain washing of diet culture, body shame and fear of food to live a guilt free life of nutritional pleasure with food & body.

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