Group Coaching

Staring in August 2020.

Join other like minded women on a transformational journey to reclaim a naturally healthy relationship to food and body!


Miriam Pires’ life philosophy is centered on the principle of ‘intuitive wellness’ which she uses to empower women to access their own wellspring of wisdom and live their most balanced and healthy life.


Having successfully spent over fifteen years working in corporate financial services across three continents, Miriam witnessed first hand how many professional women were stressed out, drained, and experiencing toxicity. The result was often mild to severe eating challenges, body image dysmorphia, crippling self-esteem, fatigue and more.


As a result, Miriam embraced her natural life long passion and now works exclusively to help women have lasting breakthroughs. She supports women to embody the journey to deeper layers of wellness, as their body, mind and spirit yearn for it. Her methods are sacred, feminine, scientifically proven and doable. She works across a range of modern day health and well-being challenges adopting the latest in Psychology, Nutrition, Stress Management and Coaching techniques to get LASTING results.


After quitting her corporate career in Sydney, Miriam traveled across the globe on her own spiritual rite of passage, completed her Eating Psychology coaching qualifications in Boulder, Colorado and Tantra Yoga Teacher Training in AwakeLand, Portugal (where she was born). She is currently continuing her studies in psychology and fine art at the University of Tasmania.


And so now it's your turn; go ahead and email Miriam, tell her about your own journey, she'd love to hear from you

Why work with Miriam?

Here's what I can help with!

  • Eating disorders - ongoing binge eating, bulimia, anorexia issues

  • Eating challenges - overeating, emotional eating, under eating, fear of food, trigger foods

  • Body image dysmorphia - self hate, self dislike, distorted self image, body confidence

  • Anxiety - finding ways to de-stress

  • Depression - finding the joy in life again

  • Food freedom - being confident and comfortable around food

  • Mother / father wounding - discomfort from family relationships and trauma

  • Religious de-conditioning - specialising in dislodging from conditioned doctrine including the fear of pleasure and shame

  • Allergies - finding ways to live with food allergies more comfortably & detecting allergies

  • Sleep - raising the quantity and quality of sleep

  • Fatigue & burn out - finding ways to get more energy

  • Weight loss - both emotional and physical weight loss that is sustainable over long term

  • Next steps - no matter where you're at on your personal journey to greater health and wellbeing I can help you on your path and give you lasting tools to reach your goals and keep them.



Hear what women have to say about working with Miriam

I feel blessed to have made the connection with such an amazing Coach and woman.


With so much to choose from these days, even finding the right person to take you on a journey back to health and healing can be challenging.


Do I do this, do I do that, do I eat this? Do I avoid that? I had tried so many ways of getting to an end result; only to discover myself back at square one feeling more disheartened, deflated and disempowered.


Miriam took me on a journey of self exploration and self love. A pivotal shift in the way I was approaching health and nutrition and food in general.


I feel more empowered and more trusting of every step of my journey which is leading me to more decisions that are true for me and my highest expression of self.


Not an overnight fix; in fact no fixing at all. Just a journey to make long lasting choices made from love.


Jane, Director


Kel Professional Photo.JPG

Kelly, Bookeeper

What I received from working with Miriam was so much more than guidance with my health issues. The biggest thing I gained was so much self love and acceptance.


I was able to stop beating myself up about things i did or ate and start being a lot kinder and actually start to implement what i learned from her and make real progress in my life.

Miriam created such a non judgement space for me to look at what was going on in my life and why, then help me to slightly tweak and change some harmful habits i had created.

I would highly recommend Miriam to anyone wanting to change their health or mindset. I cannot thank Miriam enough for the impact she has made in my life.