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Are You Sane Around

Food & Body?

Discover how to live your life beyond dieting, fear of food and body image obsession without a single rule or miracle pill in sight.

Miriam Pires


 .... and welcome to the place to be if you want to get sane around food and body.
My name is Miriam and until not that long ago I was a little nuts when it came to food choices and body image.
So I did what any borderline Gen Y would do and signed up for a bunch of courses to fix myself.
Three years, thousands of dollars and who knows how many hours later I am totally transformed.
I've gained the super human power of not turning to food for emotional reasons, binge eating is a thing of the past, I love and respect my body and my weight has normalised. So no more diet obsession, punishing workouts or crazy weight loss goals.
After a lifetime in corporate finance, I'm now a qualified Eating Psychology Coach {Yogi too} and I teach women how to do what I've done.

New Here?


Helping women with:

Eating Challenges

(Binge Eating, Over Eating, Emotional Eating,

Poor Food Choices, Fear of Food)

Eating Disorders (Bulimia, BED, Anorexia)

Body Confidence (Body Dysmorphia & Self Dislike)

Diet & Nutrition

Fatigue & Burn Out (Stress)

Weight Normalisation (Loss & Gain)

Mental Ill Health (Depression, Anxiety)

Religious De-Conditioning (Fear of Pleasure)

Family & Personal Trauma (Abuse)

And other feminine specific concerns.

And you wont find a single diet, rule, miracle pill or confronting therapy session in sight.

We base our discovery and healing techniques on founding principles steeped in scientific evidence coupled with a quality over quantity organic approach. 

If you need a professional in your court to help you on your journey to recovery then you're in the right place.

Food and body challenges do not discriminate.

They are beyond age, shape, social status and race. Sometimes we need help dealing.

I've been there too.

So these beginner offerings are tailored for you.



Free Consult

I​f you are considering getting support around your persistent and unwanted eating or body image challenges but are not sure how or where to start, this is the place.

An online one-to-one session with Miriam to assess your current food and body situation.

It's complimentary, no obligation, enjoyable and it will provide you with clarity as well as resources to help you decide what is the next best course of action to help get you where you want to go.


14 Day Beginners Program

If you've tried everything, are ready for something grounded and new but are not quite emotionally or financially prepared for coaching, this is for you.

The old way of punishment, restriction, diets, miracle pills and strict rules does not work.

Science has been telling us for decades that diets don't work but it is now confirming the methods which yield lasting results.

Stress reduction being a major factor.

So find YOUR path to binge, over eating, emotional eating healing with this introductory course that addresses lasting ways you can find freedom. A 14 day online supportive journey where Miriam covers her fundamental binge liberation "secrets".

Image by Pablo Merchán Montes


Find out the 3 things you absolutely need to know about Binge Eating, Emotional Eating & Overeating

Ready to get sane around food & body?