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Find out the 3 things you absolutely need to know about Binge Eating, Emotional Eating & Overeating

Meet your coach....

        Hello Hello! YOU have landed in THE place to be if you want to finally get SANE around food and body.
My name is Miriam and until not that long ago I was a little nuts when it came to food choices and body image too.
After a lifetime in corporate finance witnessing the burn out, junk food addiction and body shame, I turned to helping women heal all that mess using the most powerful techniques I learned that actually last... unlike the fleeting and stressful results of diets or punishing workout routines.
These days as an Intuitive Eating Psychology Coach, yoga teacher, psychology major, amateur gardener and all round health nut, I now teach women how to do what I've done, in a fraction of the time and cost, with my coaching and mentor programs.
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New Here?


Eating Challenges

(Binge Eating, Over Eating, Emotional Eating,

Poor Food Choices, Fear of Food)

Eating Disorders (Bulimia, BED, Anorexia)

Body Confidence (Body Dysmorphia & Self Dislike)

Diet & Nutrition

Fatigue & Burn Out (Stress)

Weight Normalisation (Loss & Gain)

Mental Ill Health (Depression, Anxiety)

Religious De-Conditioning (Fear of Pleasure)

Family & Personal Trauma (Abuse)

And other feminine specific concerns.

And you wont find a single diet, rule, miracle pill or confronting therapy session in sight.

We base our discovery and healing techniques on founding principles steeped in scientific evidence coupled with a quality over quantity organic approach. 

If you need a professional in your court to help you on your journey to recovery then you're in the right place.



First things first... where are you at right now?

Are you ready to ditch diets and explore the possibility of coaching instead?

If so you qualify for a FREE online session to assess your current food and body situation.

It's complimentary, no obligation, enjoyable and it will provide you with clarity as well as resources to help you decide what is the next best course of action to help get you where you want to go.


14 Day Beginners Program

Put an end to the binge-diet yo-yo cycle!

Miriam created this simple audio course as a basic foundational guide to help get you started with intuitive eating psychology principles.

And begin applying them in your life.


This is a short journey where Miriam covers her fundamental binge liberation "secrets", includes 14 days of content plus workbooks and access to the private Facebook Group.  

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An affordable and powerful breakthrough community coaching platform for women struggling with food and body issues.

Twelve months of professional coaching for a fraction of the cost.

Learn from the experts, and other women in the same situation. 


Take out the stress and make positive lasting change that's also fun!

Group work coaching is where Miriam had her own major personal breakthrough so she is so freaking excited to finally bring this platform to you!

If it sounds like this is something you or a friend could benefit from and you'd like to know more click below.

Food and body challenges do not discriminate.

They are beyond age, shape, social status and race. Sometimes we need help dealing.

I've been there too.

So these offerings are tailored for you, but if you haven't found anything that FITS PERFECT yet, click below to feast on the entire smorgasbord of WHAT'S ON OFFER!

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Miriam offers highly personalised coaching and counselling if you're looking to reclaim yourself from persistent and unwanted food or body issues. Join the thousands of people using proven intuitive eating and eating psychology methods instead of dieting and restriction to get the body (& mind) they want.