Eating Psychology & Body Sovereignty

Make confident food choices and feel wonderful in your body by relieving binge eating, over eating, emotional eating, bulimia and body shame. 


I'd like to wake up and feel good! Without even thinking about it choose something delicious and nourishing to eat, learn how to listen to what my body wants and provide for it. I want to feel good in my skin, enjoy the clothes I wear, trust my choices, love myself.

I want freedom and I want confidence. 

Deep down you know that having a body you love to live in and making food choices that are in your best interest is the real you.

But persistently and frustratingly you make terrible food choices and you still shame your body, even though you know better.

Food & Body Psyche is designed to bring you back to the real you.  

The approach targets the root causes issues, so it's not about what you eat but who you are as an eater.  

All mindfully based on the latest science.


I don't give you the fish, I don't even teach you how to fish. I guide you to be the captain of the fishing boat.

Miriam Pires

Food & Body Psyche


Miriam is a Certified Eating Psychology & Mind Body Coach (USA), a current  psychology major (AUS) and qualified yoga teacher (Portugal) with a fifteen year background in financial services marketing. She was born in Portugal, brought up in Australia and has traveled extensively. Raised in the Jehovah's Witness cult under religious fundamental conditions she experienced emotional and psychological abuse, but freed herself at the age of twenty two. Food was one of her coping mechanisms until she wanted to out-grow this dependency. Now she helps others to free themselves from the social brain washing of diet culture, body shape trend obsession and fear of food to live a life of nutritional pleasure!


1:1 Coaching

Highly personalised weekly guidance to shift your unwanted food and body challenges.  

This is a twelve week coaching program. 

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Group Coaching 

My biggest breakthroughs have been in group programs which is why I run these.  

The Body Sovereignty Club is affordable & life changing.

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Govt, NGO & Biz

Miriam runs a six week wellbeing program designed to make healthy lifestyle habits easy and available to everyone. She can also be booked to deliver educational talks. 


My Why

From a young age it fascinated me that people hated their bodies.

I watched my mother deal with body shame and yo-yo dieting.


She loved food, cooking and eating was her passion, but she could never enjoy this pleasure without a generous helping of guilt and excuse making.

Witnessing the irony that a beautiful woman felt ugly just because of pleasure and her curvy child bearing body, as a young girl I vowed to never be like that.

Fast forward and despite a healthy lifestyle I was just like that.

Until one day, I decided I would not live my life without at least trying to break this cycle of disliking my body, feeling confused or in fear of food, bloating, weight yoyoing, dieting, detoxing, health obsession and fasting all the time to no avail.

I was sick of living this way.

I wanted answers.


I wanted to know why we were subjected to hating our bodies and stressing about food all the time and I was keen to rebel against this construct.

It wasn't just my mum though. I also saw people around me in corporate who were stressed, fatigued, mindlessly shoveling food without leaving their desks and seemingly allergic to whole foods.

Something was really wrong with this picture too.

So I went on my own journey and through finding the right studies, mentors, coaches and my own almost twenty year meditation and yoga practice, answers came.

I am a certified Eating Psychology Coach, Psychology Student at UTAS, Qualified 200hr Yoga Teacher and have over fifteen years experience in corporate financial services.  

How I work

No two people have the same past, environment, circumstances, likes, dislikes, family of origin, allergies, beliefs, genetic pre-disposition, lifestyle, habits or goals.


So why would the same strategy work for all of us?


My job is to find out what works for you, so you can actually realize your health goals and maintain them.

That last part is important.

In my 1:1 private work I prefer a close bond coaching style and working to your personality so you feel fully seen, heard and special - this is an important part of the work and clients often comment on this aspect of my coaching.

I use a variety of investigative tools to uncover your root causes blocking you from making better choices. Mind Body Nutrition Dimensions, Dynamic Eating Psychology Dimensions and Key Soul Lessons help uncover root causes as well as wiring new neural pathways so you create better habits suited to you. This is not a one size fits all.

All of this is based in positive psychology, humanistic psychology, intuitive eating, the psychology of eating, health at every size and the anti-diet approach to nutrition so again, it's holistic and tailored to you.


Doable, realistic and not a meal plan in sight. At the end of it you will have a bespoke way to best navigate your life challenges based on who you are.

You will know how to handle cravings, triggers, weight fluctuations in the body, what is real science and what is a distraction, you will know what your body wants and how best to look after it for optimum health.

On top of that you will love yourself, so all of this will come naturally and this equips you to not need me any more.


STUDIES repeatedly indicate that diets, which only address the physical food in and out, actually help people PUT ON MORE WEIGHT.

The Food & Body Psyche approach harnesses modern science in demonstrating that we are governed by emotions and subconscious patterns. It encompasses our psychological and spiritual considerations, alongside the physical.   


You will remove emotional and psychological 'weight' to creating the environment for your body to find its own natural set point weight.

Unlike quick fix diet fads that are impossible to maintain and almost always fail, this process can take longer, requires readiness and people find that it's normal for body weight to fluctuate before it settles at your set point, however the results tend to last.


You must do the work to see results so the real investment is your willingness to get outside your comfort zone, have fun with life, and make time but it's doable and there are no punishing diets or food restrictions!

Email me to find out costs for group, private and business options to suit your needs.

Common Questions & Support

Body shape preferences come and go with the ages but one thing that will never go out of style is body confidence.  

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Miriam Pires 

You've tried everything, you feel uncomfortable in your body, sluggish in your mind, cheated, defeated and maybe even mad. I get it I was there too; it's not you.


Want a quick fix? Take a deep breath and let it out slowly. Do that three more times. All you need is within you, the latest diet has nothing on you!

Here begins the fusion of mind, body & soul nutrition together with emotional psychology of who we are as eaters that helps individuals create nourishing relationships to food and their bodies.

Find out more....

Make Peace With Food & Body. Apply Now.

What People Are Saying

About Working With Miriam

That moment you realise you haven't been inhaling a fast food burger or block of chocolate or tub of ice cream for quite some time now takes you by surprise. Then to realise you actually enjoy food soooooo much more because it doesn't come with a side order of guilt and disappointment really allows you to enjoy yourself in your world sooo much more.


"Miriam took me on a journey of self exploration and self love. A pivotal shift in the way I was approaching health and nutrition and food in general."


"I would highly recommend Miriam to anyone wanting to change their health or mindset. I cannot thank Miriam enough for the impact she has made in my life."


"I've worked with other coaches and you hold the most sacred space for transformstion."


"Such a positive and exciting experience. A great building block to good health. Loved it!."


"Haven't binged since completing the coaching and so much more in control of my weight and overall health. Such a relief after years of yo yo dieting and restriction."


"As someone with anorexia it has been hard to find a therapist that is patient enough to manage the severity of my condition. I've never felt more safe and supported than with Miriam. Each time I did not do as she asked she would understand with compassion and find another way to help me on my path. No one has ever gotten this close to helping me heal. Her methods work."


You are such an accomplished teacher. I felt like I learned so much from watching you in flow. I've always been fascinated by mastery, so I love watching people in their "zone".



I have reflected on our session, so many points over the last 24 hours. I am so enriched and nourished by your care and incredible gift.


What you do is simply incredible. You don't just help with food, you help with the inner voices and the whole body image thing as well, it's just amazing.


So much of what I have achieved this year is because of the direct support I have had from you. Thank you.