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 .... and welcome to the place to be if you want to get sane around food and body.
My name is Miriam and until not that long ago I was a little nuts when it came to food choices and body image.
So I did what any borderline Gen Y would do and signed up for a bunch of courses to fix myself.
Three years, thousands of dollars and who knows how many hours later I am totally transformed.
I've gained the super human power of not turning to food for emotional reasons, binge eating is a thing of the past, I love and respect my body and my weight has normalised. So no more diet obsession, punishing workouts or crazy weight loss goals.
After a lifetime in corporate finance, I'm now a qualified Eating Psychology Coach {Yogi too} and I teach women how to do what I've done.


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One Size Does Not Fit All

I​f you are considering getting support around your persistent and unwanted eating or body image challenges but are not sure how or where to start, this is the place.

A short one-to-one session with Miriam will point you in the right direction and give you the next clue on your journey.

It's complimentary, no obligation, enjoyable and it will provide you with important clarity and resources to help you on your path.


14 Day Beginners Program

The old way of punishment and reward, restriction, diets, miracle pills and rules does not work.

Science has been telling us for decades that diets don't work but it is now, finally, confirming that there are methods which yield lasting results. We in the Eating Psychology and Yoga world have known about these methods for yonks.

So find YOUR path to binge, over eating, emotional eating healing with this introductory course. A 14 day online supportive journey where Miriam shares her fundamental secrets.

It's TIME for you to BE empowered around food and your body.

14 Day Binge EatingOvereatingEmotional E


Supportive Group Work Coaching

Imagine being surrounded by women who are on the same journey as you. They get you. They understand you. They See and Hear you. You learn from each others experiences while being guided by professionals in women's health. 

You are ready to step into this group if you are tired of being overwhelmed by LIFE, confused about food choices, constantly rushing from one thing to the next feeling tired, stressed, emotional and yet KNOWING you are made for MORE THAN THIS! 

In a powerful online group work setting - together we will tap into your wellspring of wisdom to bring forth your evolution out of food and body crisis and into trust and freedom.


One-to-One Online Support

Sometimes you simply need someone in your court.


Miriam works one-to-one with a limited number of clients on a wide range of personal feminine specific issues, as their coach she is committed to helping women reach their highest wellbeing goals.

A holistic coaching method that weaves nutrition with psychology. It's deep, fun, powerful and clients love it because they feel understood, supported and they see real change happening.

To book Private Coaching with Miriam, you will need to schedule an initial consultation, click below to do so.

Get Sane Around Food & Body